Basic Knowledge

  • NTC50K Technical Data

    R at (25℃)=50KΩ±1% B25/50=3950K ±1%Temp.(deg. C)Rmax(k Ohms)Rnor(k Ohms)Rmin(k Ohms)Temp.(deg. C)Rmax(k Ohms)Rnor(k Ohms)Rmin(k Ohms)-503450.47513276.37283110.7439-13331.6639322.3174313.2029-4932

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  • Pt100 Temperature and Resistance Data Sheet

    Pt100 Temperature and Resistance Data SheetTem. ℃0123456789Resistance(Ω)-20018.52-190-180-170-160-15022.8327.1031.3435.5439.7222.4026.6730.9135.1239.3121.9726.2430.4934.7038.8921.5425.8230.0734.2838.4

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  • What is the difference between PT100 PT1000 and PT500 ?

    This number 100,500,1000 refers to the reference resistance of the Rtd.meaning pt 100 means at 0 degree temp it gives 100 ohm resistance,similarly pt 500 gives, 500 ohm resistance at 0 degree.but now

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  • Temperature Sensor NTC10K B=3950 Datasheet


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